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Hauler PRO

With a 72-volt electric drivetrain, the Hauler PRO brings advanced AC power to your jobsite that is 25 percent more efficient than DC options. But you’ll get more than an extended 50-mile range from this powerhouse. A 1,000-lb load capacity, 9.5-cu-ft cargo bed and optional limited slip differenti ...
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Shuttle 8

With the Shuttle 8, a sizeable group isn’t a problem— it’s a party. Keep your crowds satisfied by transporting up to 8 people around your resort or facility with generous bench seating and a 1,600-lb capacity.8-person seating1,600-lb capacityGas or electric power options ...
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Refresher Oasis

The Refresher® Oasis™ is the latest addition to the Cushman® food and beverage family. With four divided beverage compartments holding up to 500 cans, this vehicle was engineered for volume. Whether its greeting guests or supporting the largest of tournaments, this vehicle serves as a welcome si ...
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Refresher FS4

The Refresher® FS4™ was developed to complement your business by bolstering sales through unique merchandising opportunities. With over 21 cubic feet of merchandising space, fully accessible beverage drawers, versatile end cap and FlexServe™ Technology the Refresher FS4 was designed for the uni ...
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Titan XD

With its massive payload and big-time towing capacity, the Titan XD is top dog. It’s unmatched in power and overall performance, easily transporting thousands of pounds of material at once.2- or 4-passenger models21.6-sq-ft, 3,000-lb capacity cargo bed5,000-lb towing capacity ...
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Titan HD

Available with both 36- and 48-volt powertrains, the Titan HD knows a thing or two about work ethic. And with increased cargo and towing capacities, this is one work vehicle that never backs away from the big jobs.2- passenger models21.6-sq-ft, 3,000-lb capacity cargo bed4,600-lb towing capacity ...
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Hauler 4×4

By combining a robust 28-hp EFI gas engine with user-selectable 4WD and 100-mile range, the Hauler 4×4 is armed to take on any task, anywhere. An industry-leading 800-lb cargo capacity can haul the heaviest loads, while 4-wheel independent suspension gives you a smooth ride no matter where the day ...
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Minute Miser

Traveling to various locations in a large facility can waste a great deal of time. The Minute Miser® lets you quickly get from Point A to Point B with a small load, whether it’s your equipment or a second passenger. Time is money, so save it and keep productivity—and profitability—at a high l ...
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The Tug’s impressive towing capacity makes it ideal for facilities that regularly transport heavy materials or industrial equipment. It’s built to help you pull through big tasks and quietly get everything where it needs to be.Seating Capacity: 1-PersonSpeed: 7.8 mph (12.6 kph) View more

Stock Chaser

The vast cargo deck built into the Stock Chaser’s slim design makes it the ideal vehicle for transporting inventory throughout the cramped aisles of warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. And when you’re not moving product, it serves as excellent maintenance support, carr ...
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